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China generates world’s first transgenic tree shrew

“Cell Research,” a famed Chinese academic journal, is reporting the creation of the world’s first transgenic tree shrew by Kunming Institute of Zoology under the Chinese Academy of Sciences. The research is said to be important for humanity. Despite looking like rodents, tree shrews are actually primates, as humans are. …

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US man throws hot coffee in face of Muslim woman.

The attacker, Nathan Gray, 34, walked into a Dunkin Donuts shop in Manhattan on Sunday and asked for a cup of coffee before sitting next to the 21-year-old victim who was accompanied by her friends, a store employee said. “I gave him coffee and he said something to me about …

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Research shows fruits, vegetables boost memory.

The medical research revealed that consumption of food consisting of fresh fruits, green vegetables, nuts, olive oil and even moderate of red meat saves brain from decaying and slumps the chances of memory loss. This diet is not only beneficial for mind but also for the body. At least, 27, …

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