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“Blackmailer” captured in Sindh University understudy suicide case

Burrow Hyderabad Khadim Hussain Rind told media on Friday that the speculate Anees Khaskheli used to coerce the female understudy who submitted suicide in the varsity’s Marvi lodging on January 2.

The cop kept up that a murder body of evidence will be enrolled against Khaskheli for this wrongdoing falls in the class of Qatl Shibh-i-Amd as the casualty was rationally abused to the degree that she ended her life.

Law masters kept up that the capture was made after Naila Rind’s mobile phone record expressed that she conversed with Mr Khaskheli for around 24 minutes before hanging herself in the lodging room. Khaskheli was supposedly additionally coercing different young ladies of the college.

On January 2, a position-holder understudy of the varsity, Naila Rind’s body was discovered dangling from Marvi lodging room’s roof fan. Sindh police boss, AD Khawaja had set up a board to dispatch a test into the occurrence under the authority of DIG Hyderabad.

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